The Task of Writing

The Task of Writing

Some helpful points to realise your writing potential.

“Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.”

This quote by Winston Churchill resonates within me. I find it hard to believe how the difficulties in my life have many times resulted in opportunities. Some opportunities grabbed; others missed. I would not have been sitting here writing this post without having encountered difficulties in my life prior to this article.

Writing can be a difficult task. No matter how adept one thinks they are at writing, there are always opportunities for improvement. I have definitely had an emotional relationship with writing. Many times my work has been discredited and criticised. But I never stopped trying. It was difficult, to begin with — the only way I could improve was to take the criticisms constructively and to keep improving my skills.

I have certainly come a long way with my writing skills. I believe that improvement is a state of mind which can be attained only by repeatedly trying to construct. As Churchill suggests, consistently mastering the difficulties will result in opportunities.

It has been a wonderful learning curve for me and one that I am yet to master. Although I had always written essays for my courses at University, writing for work is a different experience. I have proved to myself that I can write academically as well as professionally.

Here are four important points to remember before one starts writing. They might be helpful to anyone who is interested in writing:

Read a lot — There is a lot of material out there to choose from. Read articles which interest you. It is likely that by reading articles which are of interest to you, you will gain an understanding of the writing style you want to adopt.

Volunteer — Personally, volunteering to write articles online has tremendously increased my faith and confidence in writing. The more I wrote, regardless of the topic or the length of the post, the better I became at writing. This is a very positive way to gain feedback from experienced professional writers or other bloggers.

Blog — Maintain your own blog. Write as much as you possibly can. Start small and build your way up. I have maintained a blog for a short time now and I am extremely happy with the way it has progressed. I have acquired a decent amount of followers on my blog. Many people are also willing to give feedback. Remember to experiment as much as you can. It’s a great way to improve and understand your personal skills!

Don’t give up — Believe that you can do it. Don’t let anxiety get the better of you. It can be overwhelming while seeing other experienced writers do a great job when you’re just starting. Realise they were also once like you. Everyone begins small. Trusting that you can, might surprise you into achieving something that you might have initially feared.


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