Being alone without feeling alone

being alone

being alone

Doing things alone by myself isn’t so bad. Just the other day, I went to a pasta-place to have lunch by myself and I really enjoyed the experience. I know of some people who are scared to experience things by themselves, and I have to ask – why?? There is nothing wrong in being alone, doing things on our own, going to a museum or sipping coffee by oneself. It in fact increases confidence and self-respect. I feel a lot more satisfied and a boost in self-esteem when I explore things by myself.

I can live alone and that is in itself a satisfaction that will keep me sane for the rest of my life. It shows that I trust myself completely, love myself for who I am and am not afraid of bystanders staring at me or judging me for doing things on my own. Yes, friends are necessary and we need people from time to time but not all the time.

Being alone without feeling lonely, is a gift not many people know. For instance, just go to a coffee place with a book and sit there reading and experience the joy that will come to you. It is very satisfactory for me.

I enjoy being by myself, exploring things, going out and getting inspiration. It is a special feeling to do things alone. You should try it sometime and tell me how it makes you feel.


Chilled out Coffee Discussions

What fun it was today going out with a few acquaintances and family members. Its a good way to get to know new people, hang out and drink coffee to. Its interesting the kinds of topics that crop up when you are together with a group of people.

The first topic that came to mind was organizing. Socializing is a great skill to have. The relationship between enthusiasm, creative ideas and organizing is uncanny. It is something I never thought about before. But you need to have a kind of enthusiasm for doing things and organizing events.  For one, you need to make yourself approachable and have a nice personality. You should not care about what other people think. You need to be content with yourself for others to be content with you. Also, its always helpful to be cheerful and bursting with ideas!

I make myself approachable and I was proud with my co-ordination/communication skills. I talk a lot, very articulate and that’s a quality I admire about myself. That’s good for organizing.

Second, talking a lot. The skill to talk about anything at all in this world, from advertisement to branding, writing, literature, urbanization, well just about anything. You get what I mean. That’s a skill appreciated anywhere and one I happen to posses.

Third, willingness to have coffee and discuss ideas is a great way to just get stuff off your chest! We discussed about how different brands market their products. Its something I would need to do later, its something we all need to do. We all like specific things more than others and we need to market ourselves. Make sure people buy it. For instance, if I want to become a writer I would need to market myself later on to make sure people like it. Be more approachable. I wonder how Mark Twain and Jane Austen marketed themselves or did people just happen to like it? I’m sure they went through a lot of publishing gimmicks before publishing their books and I’m also sure some of their best works might have never been published. See what I mean. It’s topics like this that get conversations moving.

Well, lets have a cup of coffee (I like cappuccino) and discuss more, if not this topic, some other! Why not?Image